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Appointment Process


Psst: We've changed our name to The Pod Health Co.

We have a new name & a new look, but we're still at the same place, with the same caring team & friendly faces & we're looking forward to seeing you soon... 

You can find our updated website here:


You will not require a referral from your GP however, any recent blood tests, ultrasounds, test results etc would all be very useful, to assist us in making a clear appraisal of your health.

You will need to allow 45 - 75 minutes for your initial consultation, depending on your treatment choice. 


For new patients that are requiring assistance with increasing fertility, once your booking is confirmed, you will be emailed an intake form for yourself and your partner (if relevant) to fill out and return prior to your first consultation. You will also be emailed a free Fertility e-book which is beneficial for you to read prior to your first appointment.

Please be aware that for Acupuncture, not all availability are shown when booking online.  Please call 52228714 for greater availability and personalised assistance.

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