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The pill – a drug that we need to question

Were you busy and just wanted a quick reliable contraception? Did you go on it for skin or period problems? Were you in a relationship and pregnancy just wasn’t an option? Were other options for contraception just too hard or confusing? Do you want to know more about how your body works? Do you worry about interfering with your fertility or your menstrual cycle? Do you want to know what the side-effects may be? Are you off the Pill and wondering why you can’t ovulate or fall pregnant? So many questions about a so-called ‘safe’ drug that the overwhelming majority of women take at some stage in their lives. The Pill is a unique drug in that it’s designed to interfere with one of your normal bo

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

There is so much talk about PCOS these days. Why? because it is the most common endocrine/hormonal disorder that affects women’s fertility. It is caused by the sex hormones oestrogen and progesterone being out of balance, which then leads to the growth of too many underdeveloped follicles bulking up the ovaries. The ovaries are then unable to function effectively and often cycles are irregular or no ovulation is able to occur. There is quite a lot of talk about how to improve this condition and the most common being through diet and lifestyle. That is obviously what we recommend too however, we also have the advantage of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture which has been proven to aid in the im

How infertility feels

Most of us spent quite a bit of time making sure we didn’t fall pregnant in our teens. So when it comes time to start a family and it doesn’t come easily, it can feel like your body has betrayed you. All of a sudden there are babies everywhere and women with swollen pregnant bellies. Why can’t your body do what a woman’s body is made to do? The experience of infertility is a particularly lonely one. It’s not always something you want to share with others, and can be all consuming. When you have made the very big decision to start a family and you can’t, it becomes all you can think about. Often women (and men) are trying so many different things such as exercise, eating right, removing toxin

Welcome to our blog

Welcome to my blog. I have been nurturing clients on their journey to parenthood for 12 years now through my clinic in Geelong, Victoria. I am a passionate fertility advocate and senior Acupuncturist at my clinic, Newtown Natural Fertility and IVF Support Centre. We strive to always be a welcoming haven for Mums and Dads to be. Having experienced first hand the devastation of losing a pregnancy, and then finding it challenging to conceive again, I somewhat understands the turmoil many couples go through. Using this as my motivation to establish the clinic, I have hand selected a number of excellent practitioners to help bring my vision of helping others facing these difficulties to life. Off


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