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an assisted road to parenthood 👶

So the bumpy and divergent road to parenthood has lead you to Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) and potentially in-vitro fertilisation (IVF). Nowhere near as fun as the natural (in-vivo) option, but sometimes it’s the only way. All the bliss of parenthood hopefully (joyfully, desperately) awaits, whatever path you take. There is some research evidence that Chinese medicine treatment may assist in supporting treatments such as IVF, and there is also broad agreement by Chinese medicine practitioners and other health practitioners about acupuncture as an adjunct treatment for IVF. Every day in clinic we support women and men using acupuncture and herbal medicine as an adjunct to ART; whe

Ode to the Ovary

Here’s a quick ovary overview, one the most amazing little organs in our body. Our ovaries are in our lower pelvis, nearly always one on the left and one on the right, about the size of an almond. Often we have no idea they are there, but some people can feel when they are active, with a sharp or dull sensation the Germans call this ‘mittelschmertz’ or middle pain. Fertility shouldn’t be painful! There is a lot we can do to lessen mittelschmertz. The less mittelschmertz the better. Maybe you have been told you have an ovarian cyst – this refers to a follicle that has grown larger than usual. Most resolve spontaneously and don’t cause any issues. Sometimes there are multiple cysts, eg in p


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