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Welcome to our blog

Welcome to my blog. I have been nurturing clients on their journey to parenthood for 12 years now through my clinic in Geelong, Victoria. I am a passionate fertility advocate and senior Acupuncturist at my clinic, Newtown Natural Fertility and IVF Support Centre. We strive to always be a welcoming haven for Mums and Dads to be.

Having experienced first hand the devastation of losing a pregnancy, and then finding it challenging to conceive again, I somewhat understands the turmoil many couples go through. Using this as my motivation to establish the clinic, I have hand selected a number of excellent practitioners to help bring my vision of helping others facing these difficulties to life.

Offering a range of modalities to address infertility, assist the wellbeing of those already pregnant, and support those undergoing assisted reproductive treatments, the clinic offers Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Naturopathy and Massage. It is a place where women and men can learn skills and gain knowledge to help them achieve their dream of becoming parents.

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