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Ode to the Ovary

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Here’s a quick ovary overview, one the most amazing little organs in our body.

Our ovaries are in our lower pelvis, nearly always one on the left and one on the right, about the size of an almond. Often we have no idea they are there, but some people can feel when they are active, with a sharp or dull sensation the Germans call this ‘mittelschmertz’ or middle pain. Fertility shouldn’t be painful! There is a lot we can do to lessen mittelschmertz. The less mittelschmertz the better.

Maybe you have been told you have an ovarian cyst – this refers to a follicle that has grown larger than usual. Most resolve spontaneously and don’t cause any issues. Sometimes there are multiple cysts, eg in polycystic ovarian syndrome, which often has a genetic component. This doesn’t mean you are stuck with it: can be well managed with integrative medicine and lifestyle choices.

We think that girl babies are born with all their eggs already snug inside their ovaries, around 2 million. Recent studies in animals have shown that stem cells might be able to transform into eggs, another reflection that nothing is fixed, everything in life is transforming.

Ovaries are half the orchestra when it comes to hormones – they produce 3 types of oestrogen, as well as others including progesterone, testosterone, relaxin and inhibin. These substances are carried in the blood in constantly fluctuating levels to ensure the right things happen in the right place at the right time, as eggs mature, the endometrial lining flourishes, and eggs are released into possibility.

It really is into possibility, as the ovaries release eggs into the pelvic space, not directly into the uterus. Luckily there are the most beautiful and amazing fimbriae: the flower-like ends of the fallopian tubes that gently encourage the eggs into their soft folds, and start the journey towards union with the sperm. The meeting of dragon and phoenix, and another story.

If you would like an ovary health / hormonal check, we are here for you

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