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Food as Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine can help to revitalise our bodies naturally but instead of boiling it in soup or as a tea infusion, why not incorporate Chinese herbs in your everyday cooking?

More often than not, we inevitably let our hectic schedules and over-packed plans override a nourishing meal or a quick yoga session. Over time, we usually find ourselves in an endless cycle of fatigue and lethargy, scrambling to retrieve that boost of energy and zest for life.

I have put together the healing properties of two commonly-used Chinese herbs that are readily available in Australia. I even threw in some ideas on how to use them to make nutritious daily meals targeted at various health conditions (you are most welcome):

1. Goji berry is suitable for most people and is safe for long-term consumption in moderation. It can help to improve blood circulation to ease anaemic conditions, and ease symptoms of premature ageing such as deteriorating eyesight, dizziness or giddiness, backache and weak knees.

Take Goji berry as a snack or add it to soup, porridge, fruit bar, cereal, salad, pastry, cupcake, steamed cake, muffin and scone recipes.

2. Black sesame can ease premature ageing symptoms, such as blurred vision and greying hair. It is also beneficial for postnatal and lactating mothers, and individuals with dry skin, constipation issues or concerns over bone health.

Black sesame can be toasted, taken as-is or in powder form and is commonly used in drinks, soups and desserts.

Simple little additions to your pantry staples. Enjoy 😋

Petra xx

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