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Hope is dope 🤲

Sorry just had to go there! I have been really enjoying exploring the science of hope via the Ten Percent Happier podcast and program and I thought it might be relevant to those of you out there that are struggling to see a future.

Today on their podcast they had psychologist Dr Jacqueline Mattis who has found through her research that hope is optimism with a plan. Through her research she noticed a pattern among people who were able to translate their hopes into reality: when the articulated plan doesn't work out, they pivot to make sure they get to the heart of what it is they ultimately want.

To be hopeful, you have to have prophetic imagination, but your hopes also need to be grounded in reality.

Role models in your community can fuel your hopes by giving you a sense of what's possible and helping you fill in any gaps in your plan.

This is where I believe our clinic can fit into the story. If you need help with your plan to translate your hopes into reality, we are your gals. It is what I love most about my job, to educate and lead you to creating a realistic plan that can help turn your dreams into a reality.

See you soon, Petra xx

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