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I am so sorry

I truly wish we could be having a laugh over a wine at a tropical destination right now, but that just aint' our reality. I am so very sorry that we all find ourselves in lockdown number 4,563! I'm not sure about you, but I find exaggerating helps me feel just a little bit ridiculous & cheers me up slightly 😊.

I want this BLOG to find you well & not too distressed about the 'stay at home' orders, but if that is not your reality (I hear you), please know that we are open & can treat you IRL ('in real life' for those over 30!). The positive to lockdown is that we have plenty of spaces available, so if you have been considering starting treatment with us, now might be a good time. A worry for me, might be an opportunity for you.

Acupuncture has so many benefits, just today a patient told me that acupuncture for her is like how she feels after having a bowl of her Grandma’s nourishing chicken soup. How divine is that? To me it’s like a warm hug on a cold & rainy day (just like today).

If you think you or a friend would like to experience it for themselves, we are here, IRL, otherwise we will see you on the flip side of this 4 millionth lockdown 😆.

Big love, Chicken Soup & warm hugs,

Petra xx

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