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Riding the Waves

What I am starting to realise after one of the most challenging years of my life for myself, my friends and my family, is that the waves will keep coming, but I can learn to surf. I realise that it takes practice and training but with ongoing, sustained practice I can learn how to respond healthily to stress.

We can't avoid stress, it's a part of life. But I can change how I respond to it. My default to stress was to run away from it, avoid it as much as possible. Sounds pretty cruel but if a friend was having a hard time, rather than stand beside her and hold her hand, I would find myself avoiding calling her or visiting her.

After a weekend of retreat with the Melbourne Meditation Centre, I have become very clear that I want to change this habit, but I need to train myself to achieve this goal. To be present with others when they are dealing with pain, grief, fear and other discomfiting emotions, I need to have the capacity to be by their side, a shoulder to cry on, an arm to hold them.

So, this is my Year of Living Mindfully (a great book and documentary by Shannon Harvey that I highly recommend). This is my commitment and promise to myself and its non-negotiable:

I will practice meditation daily: I imagine myself staying connected to my body when stress arises. Connecting to sensations and relaxing into the breath. Whenever my mind wanders, I imagine myself doing deep belly breathing when stress arises.

I will have acupuncture weekly: to release tension, decrease cortisol, aid sleep, strengthen digestion and energy and balance my hormones. After just 2 weeks without acupuncture I really notice that all these areas start to decline. I know I am biased, but it is seriously so important for me to keep sane and healthy.

I will eat for nourishment & joy: I love food and cooking, so this is not so hard for me. Food found in nature in abundance (see my book The Fertility FoodMap for a 4 week meal plan).

I will move daily: walking my naughty little Moodle dogs, jogging (not running 🥵) with friends to debrief and solve the worlds' problems, yoga with my beautiful friend Tracey as my guide and teacher.

What can you do for yourself? What is your year looking like? If we can be a part of your health picture, we are here for you. My Facebook has been hacked, so please either email or call or book online here.


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