Get to know us a bit better


The first of its kind for the Geelong area, our clinic aims to provide evidence-based natural solutions for your health issues and when appropriate, we will work in collaboration with your other health care providers to ensure you receive the best care and support available.

The clinic first opened its doors in 2004 in noisy Latrobe Terrace as a shared space with a chiropractor.  Petra was a solo practitioner at this stage.  We had cars and trucks honking and braking out the front, and trains braking and tooting out the back.  We managed to create tranquillity in the rooms, however after 5 years in this busy location, we moved to the leafy and peaceful side of Newtown, where we still currently are.  The clinic then evolved into a hub of like-minded practitioners with a common goal.

The driving force behind our clinic was to provide a safe, supportive, peaceful place where women and men could come to share their hopes, fears and dreams and create a space where we could help them overcome their fears and realise these dreams.  We believe that we have successfully created that space.

Our philosophy is to provide highest-quality treatment and care in a safe, supportive and relaxed environment.  To treat with knowledge and passion within our specialised areas.

Our aim is for every person that has contact with our clinic, to feel welcomed and comfortable.  To treat each other, our patients and any other persons with integrity and honesty and to make our patients feel nurtured, cared about and an integral part of our clinic community.

We also aim to create exceptional results through the quality of practitioners we provide, the treatments that we give, the education we provide, the staff that we have and the space and atmosphere of our surroundings.