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Wellness Retreats

We were inspired to create “Wanderlust Wellness Retreats” to cultivate a space where women of all ages, abilities and interests could not only have a fun, healthy & slightly intrepid holiday, but also a very personal, life-transforming experience in a truly supportive retreat environment.


Our environment has a profound impact on the state of our health and well-being.  Bali has been granted the worlds most beautiful island title by many. a magical island with a unique culture and

luxuriant nature.  The Balinese people are some of the most loving and

kind in the world.  This retreat offers an opportunity to truly embrace

and immerse in the local culture that makes this place so unique.


With a strong focus on health and wellness you will be offered daily

yoga and meditation, blissful massage, spa treatments, an opportunity

to discover the beaches of Seminyak by foot or by bicycle.  You may

try some surfing, partake in cooking classes or maybe create a batik

piece of art to take home.  You will also return home with practical and

effective ways to increase your well-being and look after yourself 

following sessions with our highly knowledgeable, passionate and

engaging hosts.


The retreats focus on providing a positive environment for women

where you can participate in health-based activities, explore Bali,

cook and eat nutritious organic food, enjoy massage, spend time

with like-minded women leaving truly full-filled and equipped with

knowledge to implement back home.


Wanderlust Retreats offer the ideal opportunity for those wishing to escape, unwind, rejuvenate and replenish. Your hosts will create a heavenly experience for you with plenty of healthy fun to be had. An opportunity to indulge and fulfil your heart and soul.


Find peace and relaxation, health and well-being, but more than that, it is an invitation for you to let go of everything else - your work, your family, your worries and stress - and take time out to focus on you, with compassion, self-love, gentleness and fun.

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