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How do you know if your thyroid is messed up?

THYROID HEALTH Tired, cold and hungry? We see this pattern every day in clinic, and quite often the thyroid gland is implicated. Our thyroid is a small gland in our neck that affects nearly every cell in our body. It produces thyroid hormone which circulates around our body and controls metabolic rate, cell growth, cardiac output, glucose absorption, lipolysis (fat break down) and protein synthesis. A healthy thyroid supports conception and holding a pregnancy. No wonder life is harder when thyroid function is disturbed. Which is often! Around 20% of the population experience thyroid disorders, and that’s only the ones that are diagnosed. Many more people may have borderline blood tests re

Is the Zika virus still an issue and how does it affect fertility?

I get asked less often these days about the Zika virus so I thought I would look into it and see if its still an issue for those that are pregnant or TTC. Zika is an infection caused by Zika virus and transmitted mainly through the bite of an infected mosquito. In 2015, the Caribbean, Central and South America and Asia have seen outbreaks of Zika virus infection. Although symptoms in affected patients are relatively mild such as fever, rash and joint pain, it can result in problems during pregnancy including miscarriage and birth defects. The countries that are classified as high risk (last updated March 2018) are some African countries such as Angola; Guinea-Bissau; Burkina Faso; Burundi;


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