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How infertility feels

Most of us spent quite a bit of time making sure we didn’t fall pregnant in our teens. So when it comes time to start a family and it doesn’t come easily, it can feel like your body has betrayed you. All of a sudden there are babies everywhere and women with swollen pregnant bellies. Why can’t your body do what a woman’s body is made to do?

The experience of infertility is a particularly lonely one. It’s not always something you want to share with others, and can be all consuming. When you have made the very big decision to start a family and you can’t, it becomes all you can think about. Often women (and men) are trying so many different things such as exercise, eating right, removing toxins, trying to limit stress and countless other activities, that it becomes a 24/7 quest. To top it off there are usually many useless bits of advice from well-meaning family members to “just relax” or “don’t try so hard” or my personal favourite, “just make love”. These can be infuriating and compound the feeling that no one else really understands.

If you are in the situation where your friends are pregnant or have babies, or worse still, a friend who started trying the same time you did and is now pregnant, it can be so very difficult. You are happy for them, but you are breaking inside. Turning to the internet for guidance is also fraught with danger as there is so much advice, many scams and horror and success stories that often just make you feel worse.

We can assure you, you are not alone and we do understand. Your journey is completely unique and there will be times when it all feels too much and times when you are confident and hopeful. Whatever stage you are at, we are there and happy to talk, or not talk, whatever you need.

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