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Mother's Day Blues?

With Mother's Day approaching, it is a great excuse to celebrate the incredible women in our lives who have helped raise and support us. However, for many of us, Mother's Day might not be the easiest day to get through, and can bring with it feelings of sadness, fear & loss.

Why is Mother's Day hard for some of us?

Mother’s Day can cause us to reflect on our relationship with our mother and/or our child/children. This can be extremely difficult and painful for some people for many reasons. These might be – you’re estranged from your mother or child, your mother is sick and/or dying, your mother is no longer around, you’re a mother who has lost a child or you would like to be a mother but aren’t able to for whatever reason.

It’s rarely just the day that causes difficulty but also the constant reminders leading up to the day, on TV, online and in shops that can be uncomfortable and emotional for people. Regardless of whether this loss is a recent loss or not, this is a challenging day but could be particularly difficult for those for whom this is the first Mother’s Day without their mum and/or child.

In recognition to all the Mums-to-be out there reading this, I would like to extend my hand to you by offering any new fertility patients booking their appointment with us from today, Thursday 6th May until end of business Monday 10th May (for appointments until 30 June 2021), will be offered their initial consultation at HALF PRICE, from $140 down to $70 (75 minutes). This is a gift from us to you at this very difficult time in your life, when you need support and hope the most. If there is anyone you know that can benefit from this offer, please feel free to extend the invite to them.

Please call our clinic on 52228714 or email or click on this link to book online and choose the Mothers Day Fertility Special.

May this year turn out to be your year xxx

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